14 Steps To Financial Freedom

Stay one STEP AHEAD of your finances with the 14 steps course!

Course Description

This 5 week’s course is more than just about math and crunching numbers. We also talk about the behavioral and mindset shifts required for you to achieve financial freedom. Master and dominate your finances with our signature approach to, Grow, Protect and Sow your money at any age with our international personal finance specialist instructor, Bruce Scott (CPA, Finance, FCA, FCCA, MBA)Say “goodbye”  to poor money management with this course as we train you how to save more, conquer debt, and win with your finances. 

What You'll Learn


Why It Is Taught


5 Weeks/14 Major Topics

The Foundations

What is financial freedom?

Why is financial freedom such a big deal?

Your Financial Freedom Road Map: 14 Steps

■ Grow your money (9 steps)

  1. Understand your current financial health
  2. Set financial goals
  3. Understand your money personality

Next live Zoom course will begin on 15 May, from 9:30 (EST) to 11:15 am

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I attended Bruce’s “14 Steps to Financial Freedom Course”. This course was a "Damascus Road'' experience for me. In talking to Bruce and reflecting on the course content, I realised that I was heading for a big financial crash. I took the Grow, Protect & Sow (GPS) money principles from the course and then executed a plan of paying off my credit card (48% interest rate) and moved to clearing up all my loans. I also rearranged my insurance coverage, both life and health insurance. I'm now adequately covered in both areas while paying out less money. This course is a must do. I guarantee it will change your life wholeheartedly!

Mr Christopher Wright

Principal, Holy Family Primary & Infant School, Kingston ,Jamaica

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