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14 Steps to Financial Freedom was developed by international personal finance specialist, Bruce Scott CPA (Colorado), MBA, FCA, FCCA, both in the form of a book and a course with the single objective of empowering working adults, students, and persons living paycheck to paycheck to pursue a path of financial freedom.

Free yourself from the shame and fear about your finances

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Our practical approach to personal finances help you discover your financial health status and gain control over your money


No more crash course,cash grabs or fiscal diets leading to frustration and no clear road map out of your financial rabbit hole

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The work we do is more than just finances- it's life-changing! We empower you to live life on your own terms.

The best way to predict the future is to step towards it!

Meet Bruce Scott

Your Course Instructor and Author

Bruce is an international personal finance specialist who dug his way out of poverty. He is a certified public accountant (Colorado), a chartered accountant (Jamaica), a chartered certified accountant (UK) and creator of the online and in person course, 14 Steps to Financial Freedom. Bruce is also the territory leader (senior partner) at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Jamaica, a member firm of PwC International Limited, one of the largest professional services networks in the world. Bruce started teaching the course in community-based institutions, including his alma mater, Jamaica College (high school), to increase financial literacy among working adults and students. The idea for his book stemmed from the warm reception to the course and the need to spread the financial freedom message at a faster rate.


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14 Steps to Financial Freedom:

How to Grow, Protect and Sow Your Money

By: Bruce Scott

This book details the 14 step Grow, Protect, Sow your money principles taught in the 14 Steps to Financial Freedom: How to Grow, Protect and Sow Your Money course. Essentially, the book provides a road map, which if followed by High School and College students will help them to avoid the money traps and mistakes that so many others before them have made. The book can also be beneficial to those persons who have been working for years, made money mistakes and now want a clear path to break free from financial bondage.

  1. Chapters that teach practical money principles illustrated with powerful real life money stories about how you too can grow, protect and sow your money
  2. Practical money journal assignments  at the end of each chapter for you to apply concepts taught to your financial situation